A.W.A.Y. means "Always Welcome at YMCA's."

What is it?

The A.W.A.Y. program is based on the philosophy that when a person enrolls in a YMCA, he or she becomes a member of a nationwide association of people that helps build strong kids, strong families and strong communities, and, therefore, when away from home, on business or vacation, will be warmly welcomed by all other participating YMCAs in the United States. A YMCA's participation in this program is voluntary. Some restrictions apply.

How it works at the Edwin Brown Branch:

Members must live beyond a 90 mile radius and show their valid YMCA ID and photo I.D. to be verified as a YMCA member from another facilities. These members will not be charged for use of the facility for up to 3 visits per calendar year. If a visitor from another YMCA association has prolonged stay (more than 4 weeks), then they will be expected to transfer their membership.