Fitness Orientation & Program Design

New exercisers will go through 3 levels of instruction. You will meet with a trainer on three separate occasions until you have completed each level. In your sessions you and the trainer will discuss your fitness goals. Our instructors will develop a program that is safe and effective.
Complimentary for Active Y Members.

Intermediate exercisers will go through two levels of program design. If you are not new to exercise and are familiar with some equipment and are in good health, you will receive two sessions with a trainer.
Complimentary for Active Y Members.

If you have been involved in a current workout routine, are familiar with strength training and are in good health, this level is for you. All Cybex equipment will be reviewed and weight and reps set for your current fitness level.
Complimentary for Active Y Members.

Program Review and Design
After completion of any of the above levels, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with a trainer to take your program to the next level. We will add free weights exercises to help you enhance your workout. Our trainers will also add other exercises based on your interests such as flexibility or the stability ball.

Fee: 1 session of 60 minutes $40
Appointments are necessary for all sessions