YMCA Dance Programs


The Benefits of Dance


        Physical Development: Dance involves a greater range of motion, coordination,

        strength and endurance than most other physical activities. This is

        accomplished through movement patterns that teach coordination and

        kinesthetic memory. Dancing utilizes the entire body and is an excellent form of

        exercise for total body fitness. Young children are naturally active, but dance

        offers an avenue to expand movement possibilities and skills.


        Emotional Maturity: Dance promotes psychological health and maturity. Children

        enjoy the opportunity to express their emotions and become aware of

        themselves and others through creative movement. A pre-school child enters a

        dance class or classroom with a history of emotional experiences. Movement

        within a class offers a structured outlet for physical release while gaining

        awareness and appreciation of oneself and others.


        Social Awareness: Dance fosters social encounter, interaction, and cooperation.

        Children learn to communicate ideas to others through the real and immediate

        mode of body movement. Children quickly learn to work within a group dynamic.

        As the ongoing and sometimes challenging process of cooperation evolves,

        children learn to understand themselves in relation to others.


        Cognitive Development: Young children will create movement spontaneously

        when presented with movement ideas or problems that can be solved with a

        movement response. Movement provides the cognitive loop between the idea,

        problem, or intent and the outcome or solution. This teaches a child to function in

        and understand the world. The relationship of movement to intellectual

        development and education is an embryonic field of study that has only

        recently begun to be explored.



The YMCA is currently offering Hip Hop and Combination Dance. For more information, click on Programs, Dance, and then select the type of dance that you are interested in.   Come in and register at our membership desk.


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