Peter Marshall has been painting ever since he was a child. His portrait of the first native Governor general of Jamaica, Sir Clifford Campbell, was done before he received formal training. This painting now hangs in the Royal Collection, Kings House, Jamaica, West Indies, where Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and other royalties reside on official visits. Over the Years, the work of Peter Marshall became increasingly acclaimed and in demand. His work is in many important collections such as Jamaica High Commission Office in London, England.


Course -Drawing for Beginners

In the class we will focus on the basics of drawing lines, shapes, shades, perspectives, and proportions. Students will use pencils and charcoal to make 2D shapes appear 3D. Students will also learn about composition, positive and negative space


Course Outline

Week 1-2 Drawing lines and shapes

Week 3-4 Drawing still life (Identifying shapes)

Week 5-6 Still life composition (positive & negative space)

Week 7-8 Drawing the head



(All Materials will be provided by the participant. Instructor can inform where to purchase)


Ebony pencil or a B4, B6 or B8 pencil

Sketch book (medium size – 14’’ x17’’)

Kneaded Erasure


12’’ ruler

Table easel