Water Exercise Class Descriptions


Water Aerobics
Get ready to move your body with a great cardio workout without the stress and strain that accompanies land exercise. Have fun while you get your heart pumping and body moving as you experience the great atmosphere of weightlessness and water resistance.

Water Fitness
Group fitness class setting with a trained professional teacher for an hour. The class focuses on aerobic endurance, resistance training and creates an enjoyable atmosphere with music. 

An aquatic method of therapy with numerous exercises that center on muscle toning. The aquagym adapts the physical work done on land to the aquatic environment, with the advantage of the weightlessness it contributes. The aquagym is indicated for people in rehabilitation processes and allows a better recovery of the injuries. Different muscle groups are specifically worked and alternate exercises of the upper, middle (oblique and abdominal) and lower body.

Water Walking

Walk your way to better health. This 30-minute class will help you burn calories, strengthen muscles, increase endurance and improve range of motion.


Aqua Mobility

This class is designed to promote improved health for individuals recovering from surgery, injury or who have limited mobility due to degenerative disease process like arthritis. Areas of concentration will include increasing range of motion and specific joint mobility, improving core and limb strength and endurance, as well as flexibility. Targeting these areas will improve balance and overall motor function.