While local schools are closed due to the coronavirus, the YMCA of the Palm Beaches has continued to provide essential services to aid our community needs. The Y works under the CDC guidelines with programs that have been developed to provide a comforting social environment that keeps social distance in mind. The need for and utilization of childcare resources is constantly growing, but with your support we know we can make a difference. For different ways to get involved please contact our Director of Development Peter Thate by email at to make a donation and support a program or family today.


The YMCA offers safe, engaging limited touch activities with trained, certified staff.

Care is available weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at our Y located at 2085 S Congress Ave Palm Springs, FL 33406. Advance registration is recommended, but drop in is available with most recent physical and vaccination record present upon arrival.

There are additional resources available for parents throughout the year to get access to for financial aid and scholarships. Parents need to register in advance for financial assistance from the YMCA's Open Doors Program and the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County (the links for both are available along the side of page or at the bottom if on mobile).


Healthcare district personnel are on hand during drop-off each day to screen staff and children at YMCA sites. Before opening, all childcare areas are deep cleaned and toys/crafts are fully sanitized. All childcare areas continue to follow CDC guidance for cleaning and sanitation. To find out more head to



We believe that our role as a YMCA is to support families in finding appropriate care to fit their overall need. It is incredibly important for us that we provide a safe and conducive learning environment that allows for creativity and growth amongst our students. Our method of virtual learning care is to be there to guide and educate the students as they work remotely on their assignments in a physically distant structured educational space. Our program is available from 7AM-6PM (with drop off from 7-8AM). 8AM-2PM is used for our supervised learning with timed "mental breaks" to not overly stress our students in our already stressful world around us. Breakfast & Lunch are provided during this time and a light snack is given during our structured play from 2PM-6M prior to pick up. Structured play involves distanced activities from fitness, to films and crafting once all assignments and homework are complete. Please email our Childcare Director Tatiana Rego at for any questions or concerns regarding our approach to distance learning here at the Y.



The YMCA Early Learning Center is a program in which children will experience high quality learning. Children will be prepared for Kindergarten with a curriculum that supports social-emotional skills, as well as necessary academic knowledge. At its core, the ELC is an educational service; children will learn about literacy, math, art, and science, among other subjects. The curriculum will also support learning by offering open-ended opportunities to explore individual interests. 

We believe your child should be prepared to start kindergarten ready to succeed. Our Preschool programs provide an educational environment that is a friendly, positive and caring place to help each student discover his or her own unique gifts. Our engaging curriculum helps children reach developmental milestones and prepares them for academic learning. We believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve.



We believe learning takes place as children touch, manipulate, and experiment with things and interact with people daily. Children’s play is an essential component of our curriculum, through their play and experiences, themes are developed that guide our daily activities and interactions.

At the Y, we utilize Creative Curriculum which has six core content areas: literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, arts, and technology. The Y has identified two additional content areas: Healthy Habits and Social, Moral, and Spiritual Development.

Our programs use the Creative Curriculum individual assessments and also child portfolios to assess your children’s developmental progress annually. The teaching staff and families discuss the results of the assessments and plan for continued growth throughout the year.

Our bilingual Preschool teachers are responsible for implementing an ongoing program of activities that promote the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the students. Our staff provide a quality experience in every aspect of learning that encompasses our core values of honesty, care, respect and responsibility in both English and Spanish.


  • How children develop and learn
  • The learning environment in which children learn
  • What children learn
  • The role of the teacher
  • The role of the family



Our 2 year old program is more than just child care. The program is designed to develop language, fine and gross motor skills, build structure as well as create social interaction through a theme based hands-on curriculum.



Children learn basic reading, writing and math readiness skills through a fun and nurturing environment at the YMCA of the Palm Beaches. Our Preschool program focuses on the importance of communication and self expression. In addition, this program helps develop self esteem, vocabulary, and introduce them to a community focused on positive attitude, sharing and group interaction.



The VPK curriculum is an essential preparation for your child's kindergarten experience. Teachers will use both phonics and whole language teaching methods to connect with the students providing growth on an individual basis. The children learn writing and develop a personal daily journal to stem growth and creativity. The VPK program is a strong foundation for any child's future.



As the nation's leading child care program, we believe children should have a place to explore their interests and talents. YMCA staff provide activities focused on academic and social growth. Children connect with others to build lasting relationships, develop a sense of belonging and cultivate leadership skills. Your child's before- and after-school care at the YMCA of the Palm Beaches will have enrichment activities like homework time, crafts, games, sports programs and other creative activities that help them learn, grow and thrive.

There is flexibility to accommodate various age groups and support all of our children enrolled. The YMCA maintains the highest standards of safety to ensure your child's well-being is in good hands at our facilities.

The Y's before and after school child care programs are provided for children (preschool through eighth grade) during the hours when there may be no supervision in the home. The program is conducted by trained YMCA staff that serve as positive role models. Our staff will engage with your children in healthy activities that focus on the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

As the leading nonprofit for strengthening community, the Y is for youth development, nurturing confident, engaged kids today and healthy, contributing adults tomorrow. We believe that every child should have the opportunities to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. At the Y, children can discover who they are and what they can achieve through our before- and after-school care programs.